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Updated on: 20 dec 2023

Average Rate on Uber Insurance Ontario 2024.

There is no extra cost on insurance for Uber drivers if you have basic car insurance coverage in Ontario. It would help if you informed your insurance provider about it first. But sometimes, there will be an additional fee of around $200 annually or $20 monthly based on factors like vehicle type, year, model, and working hours.

Remember, many drivers in Ontario get free Insurance for Uber cars and ridesharing insurance based on their car insurance coverage, so car insurance is mandatory if you need insurance for an Uber car in Ontario.

Is Insurance for Uber Driver Mandatory?

In Ontario, you must have mandatory insurance for Uber and ridesharing to ensure drivers’ and passengers’ safety and security. If you have regular car insurance, tell your insurance company that you want to join the ridesharing insurance. They’ll give you the right insurance so you can use Uber, Uber Eats, and other ridesharing services without any worries.

How does Uber Insurance work in Ontario?

Uber insurance works in three periods during a ridesharing trip:

Period 1: Offline or Online but Unavailable:

  • When the driver is offline or waiting for ride requests.

         Personal insurance covers this stage.

Period 2: En Route to Pick Up:

  • After accepting a ride request, the driver is on the way to pick up the passenger.

        Uber provides special insurance for this phase to cover potential issues during the trip.

Period 3: Transporting the Passenger:

  • When the driver is actively transporting a passenger.

          Specialized insurance is needed to protect both the driver and the passenger.

Does my basic car coverage cover Uber insurance?

Yes, if you have basic car insurance, you can get Uber insurance without any extra cost, but it’s essential that you first inform your provider. This way, your insurance provider can give you the correct coverage details. You might be wondering, ‘Does Uber insurance cover a rental car? It’s a good question that you should ask your insurance provider to ensure you have the right coverage.

Ontario Government rules and regulations for Uber Insurance:

If you’re driving for Uber in Ontario, there are some rules you have to follow. The government of Ontario sets these rules to ensure everyone’s safe. To start, drivers use an app on their phones to find passengers. But before they can hit the road, they must pass severe checks. This isn’t just for safety; it also helps passengers trust Uber more. It would be best if you had a G driver’s license and a city permit to be a driver. And remember the fees – there’s a $90 licensing fee if you are under 65. Uber cars have to pass two safety checks every year. This ensures they’re up to scratch with car safety standards. And there’s been a change in pricing, too -One super important rule is about insurance. Drivers need to have liability insurance worth at least $2 million. This policy is a must-have document that shows the driver can pay for any damages if there’s an accident. The government also takes data privacy and security very seriously. So, Uber has to handle your information responsibly. If there’s an accident, drivers must report it to Uber and their insurance company immediately. This keeps everything in line with traffic rules. The government makes sure all these rules are clear and easy to understand. They check whether the driver is eligible to drive, the age and condition of the car, and whether the driver has the proper insurance documents. If you want the most accurate info, check out the Government of Ontario’s official transport rules and Uber Canada’s insurance policies. They’ve got all the details.

Can I use my regular license in Ontario for Uber Insurance?

Uber and any ridesharing service come with a specific kind of commercial insurance. You’ll need a commercial license, which costs $123. This license covers your road test and knowledge test. Adding a brake endorsement is an excellent way to show your insurance provider that you’re a well-educated and knowledgeable person who understands insurance policies well and follows the rules in states like Ontario. The fees for brake endorsement vary depending on the tires, but analyzing user data suggests it could range from around $66 to $50

As insurance experts, we advise you to understand and study the license requirements well to avoid difficulties with Uber or ridesharing insurance.

Companies covering Uber Insurance in Ontario:

Uber insurance is provided by Aviva, Economical, and travelers in Ontario with car insurance as an endorsement with no extra charges. Some of the Uber coverages by these insurance providers are simply basic, but you need to know if you will take Uber insurance.

Uber Insurance with Aviva:

Are you an Uber driver looking for comprehensive Uber insurance coverage? Aviva has got you covered! They offer coverage beyond the standard, protecting your vehicle against potential damages. If Aviva already insures you, you can enhance your coverage for a small fee. This fee varies, depending on your current annual auto premium with Aviva and the number of hours you spend ridesharing. Still, the great news is Aviva is shifting their 20-hour-a-week driving policy to unlimited weekly hours for Uber drivers.

Not with Aviva yet? No worries! You just need to switch your provider to Aviva to benefit from this coverage.

Remember that to qualify for Aviva’s ridesharing insurance, which also covers Uber Eats, you must meet certain conditions. And remember, having good insurance is not just a requirement. In the ridesharing industry, it’s a necessity to safeguard your vehicle from damage.

You should know a few things if you’re interested in purchasing Uber Insurance from Aviva.

  1. Valid G- driver’s license in Canada or the USA for six years or longer.
  2. There is no hour limit for driving, but you must complete at least 12-hour driving periods before applying for Uber or ridesharing insurance.
  3. NPCF 6U- Permission to participate in an insured transportation network with extended coverage of a $50 charge.
  4. Maximum of 2 automobiles per household
  5. Seven passengers are allowed to ride in the vehicle.
  6. Your vehicle is not used for commercial purposes like taxis, limousines, and delivery services.
  7. Being at least 21 years old.

Uber does not offer ridesharing insurance that fully meets with Ontario’s minimum automobile insurance requirements.” Uber only provides third-party liability for its drivers. This needs to be improved in Ontario.

Greg Somerville, CEO of Aviva Canada, says, “We’re excited to offer a simple and affordable solution within a driver’s existing personal auto policy, thereby providing drivers and passengers with absolute peace of mind that they are properly insured while ridesharing.” Aviva’s product protects ridesharing drivers from when they respond to a request for a lift to when they drop passengers off.

Uber Insurance with Economical:

Regarding ridesharing services like Uber, understanding the insurance policy is crucial for drivers and passengers. Here’s how it works:

Uber partners with Economical Insurance to provide coverage during different phases of a ride. When a driver is offline (Phase 0), their insurance is in effect. Once the driver logs into the Uber app and is available to accept rides (Phase 1), a $1 million third-party liability coverage and standard accident benefits kick in.

The coverage increases to $2 million in third-party liability and standard accident benefits when the driver accepts a ride request, is en route to pick up a passenger (Phase 2), and remains the same while transporting a passenger to their destination (Phase 3).

Importantly, if a driver has collision and comprehensive insurance on their auto insurance policy, they will also receive contingent collision and comprehensive insurance under Uber’s commercial policy, subject to deductibles. This includes coverage for physical damage to the ridesharing car up to its actual cash value, with a $1,000 deductible.

Acceptable goods delivery programs:

Peer-to-peer ridesharing or goods delivery program on the Uber platform( UBER EATS AND UBER CONNECT ONLY, no Skip the Dishes or Door Dash). Under a commercial fleet policy, that is primarily when the driver logs into the app and while carrying goods.

When indicating UBER use, no note is required, but the following must be done:

  1. Amend vehicle use, including the percentage of business use.
  2. Input description of Business Use.
  3. Indicate if the vehicle is used for paying passengers or for deliveries/drop-offs.
  4. Indicate if the exposure is done exclusively through a program on the UBER platform.

Uber Insurance with Travelers

There is no change to your auto policy wording; however, a note must be added to your policy file, and it is suggested that you keep a copy of the commercial confirmation (liability slip/declaration on file). Note the following vocabulary and information:

  1. Name of Transportation network company:
  2. Commercial policy carrier:
  3. Commercial policy number:
  4. Vehicle(s) used (model year, make, model):
  5. Driver(s):
  6. The vehicle will be rated based on regular use (commute/pleasure) and will not be placed for business use.
  7. At least one inspection and quality check of an Uber Car in 1 month. 

New business

The note must be made when the policy is bound – Remarks section of the application.

Mid-term or on-renewal

Make a note effective when notified that the insured is an Uber or a TN driver.


The use of UberPool.

An automobile used for any retail or wholesale delivery of goods or any other commercial use, including any trade or service other than carrying passengers (Uber Eats, Uber Connect, Skip the Dishes, and Travelers do not accept Door Dash.)

Any automobile used in the CarSharing program, such as Outdoorsy, ShiftRide, Turo, Eligo Cars Inc., or Rvezy.

Extra Information You Need To Know In Uber Insurance.

Uber’s insurance policy also provides uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, protecting vehicle occupants in case of an accident with a hit-and-run driver, an uninsured driver, or a driver without sufficient insurance.

Remember, the insurance cost is included in the service, so drivers receive this coverage at no extra charge. However, they should inform their insurance provider about Uber driving to ensure proper coverage.

In the event of an accident, statutory accident benefits help cover injury-related expenses not covered by government health plans. This assistance aids in recovery and manages income-related expenses.

So, whether you’re a driver or a passenger, rest assured that Uber’s insurance policy is designed to protect you during your journey.


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How to save on Uber Insurance in Ontario?

Several factors can affect your Uber Insurance rates, so understanding them in Ontario is essential.

  1. Try different Quotes: While some companies do provide Uber insurance, it’s advisable to get rates from multiple providers to get an idea of the Uber premium.
  2. Add security: Use safety and security features like alarms and locks to prevent theft and secure your car, which can help you get the best rate.
  3. Pay Annual: Try to keep your premium on an annual basis rather than monthly to save some money. Insurance companies generally prefer annual payments, but they tend to charge slightly higher rates for monthly payments.
  4. Clean Driving Record: If your driving record is clear of any past accidents and collisions, you can save a significant amount of money.
  5. NO Tickets: Avoid getting tickets for parking, speeding, and red light violations. While these don’t usually appear on your driving record, a speeding ticket does.
  6. Commercial License: To drive for Uber, you need a commercial license instead of a normal one. Be sure to show your commercial license to the insurance company.

If you need assistance or expert advice, consider seeking help from an insurance providers. Remember, every penny saved is a step towards cheaper insurance coverage.

Specific vehicle requirements for Uber in Ontario.

Some of the most popular Uber ridesharing service requirements in Ontario:

  • UberX: Seats up to 4 passengers. The most affordable Uber option.
  • UberXL: Seats up to 6 passengers and are usually SUVs.
  • Uber Select: This is an entry-level luxury car service. The vehicle seats up to 4 people, and cars are BMWs, Mercedes, and other luxury vehicles.
  • UberHop: Share trips with other users along popular routes during peak times.
  • UberPool: You rideshare with other people to share the trip’s costs.
  • Uber Eats: The delivery of food, groceries, and other items.

Top 5 Insurance companies that provide Uber Car Insurance in Ontario.

We are affiliated and partner with these insurance providers in overall Ontario. So we can provide you the best rates on Uber Car Insurance without charging any fees.

Why Toronto Faces High Insurance Rate on Uber?

In Toronto, Uber drivers are dealing with high insurance costs because of strict rules, yearly fees, and a requirement to have $2 million in liability insurance. This affects drivers, who are feeling the pinch, and passengers, who see higher fares. The Toronto government is looking at these rules to find a balance between keeping things safe and affordable, especially regarding accidents. They’re having ongoing talks to improve ridesharing work for everyone in the city.

Why Choose Ontario Insurance Hub

At Ontario Insurance Hub! We are your trusted partner for all your insurance needs in Ontario. We specialize in Car, Home, Life, and Business insurance, ensuring you’re covered no matter what life throws. As an affiliate of some of the most trusted insurance providers in Canada, we’re committed to bringing you reliable and comprehensive coverage 24/7 online. Our policies are straightforward to understand, making insurance simple for you. Choose Ontario Insurance for a secure and worry-free future

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Difference between personal and rideshare/Uber insurance in Ontario.

Rideshare Insurance differs from the personal car insurance coverage you might have for your car, which typically covers your everyday driving needs. Still, rideshare insurance offers special benefits based on Uber drivers’ unique situations. It’s designed to protect you when using your car for Uber rides or deliveries in Ontario.

  • Example: Let’s say you’re driving for Uber and get into an accident while a passenger is in your car. Rideshare insurance takes over to cover the costs related to that accident, ensuring you and your passengers are protected in situations that might not be covered by regular personal insurance.

In simple terms, rideshare insurance or Uber driver insurance is like having a specialized safety net that understands and covers the specific risks you face as an Uber driver. It’s there to ensure you’re protected while working and providing services through Uber.

Distinctions Between Insurance for Uber Rides and Uber Eats Ontario.

The insurance for delivering food with Uber Eats differs from your insurance when driving passengers around with Uber. Think of it like this – when you’re carrying people, you have insurance specially made for that situation. But unique things can happen when you deliver food, so special insurance covers those situations.

When delivering food for Uber Eats, the insurance helps with things like accidents or if something happens to the food during the delivery. Trying to avoid or skip getting the right insurance for delivering food with Uber Eats can lead to severe problems. It’s essential to have the right insurance to protect yourself and others.

  • Example: Suppose you’re dropping off a food order, and there’s an accident. Uber Eats insurance is there to help with the costs related to that accident or if the food gets damaged somehow.

Like you have different tools for different jobs, Uber Eats insurance is the right tool for delivering food. It’s there to ensure you’re covered and protected while doing that kind of work with Uber.

Frequently asked questions about Uber Insurance Ontario

Yes, Uber provides insurance coverage for drivers and their vehicles while they are actively engaged in a trip on the Uber platform. This coverage typically includes liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance.

Absolutely! Having your Uber insurance policy on hand is always a good idea. Uber will give you this document; you might need to show it if you’ve ever been stopped or involved in an accident.

Even though Uber has you covered while you’re on a trip, it’s still wise to have your own rideshare or commercial insurance. This means you’re protected even when you’re out and about, not only when driving for Uber.

No way! Insurance is a must-have for Uber Eats drivers. You need the right insurance to protect yourself, your car, and everyone else on the road.

It might. Driving for Uber could cause your insurance rates to rise. So, it’s best to inform your insurance provider about your rideshare activities. Some providers even offer special rideshare insurance just for this.

Uber checks your insurance based on the info you give them. You’ll usually need to submit proof of your insurance and any additional coverage for your trips with Uber. And remember to keep your insurance documents updated on the Uber platform. It’s super important!

While it’s not always the case, in some instances of Uber Insurance, providers may require your credit score.

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