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Winter in Ontario brings picturesque landscapes and the joy of snowfall, but it also ushers in challenges for drivers. The need for winter tires becomes paramount as the roads become icy and unpredictable. Many overlook the significant impact winter tires can have on insurance claims, especially in Ontario. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of winter tires in insurance and provide concise guidance on filing insurance claims in the province

Winter Tires and Reduced Risk in Uber

Ontario experiences harsh winter conditions, and having the right tires can make all the difference in preventing accidents. Insurance companies recognize the safety benefits of winter tires, often leading to reduced premiums for those who equip their vehicles with them. Moreover, winter tires may be critical in determining fault and liability when an accident occurs. Additionally, some insurance companies offer discounts for using winter tires. This encourages everyone living in Ontario to use winter tires.

Failing to use winter tires during the Ontario-mandated period could affect your Uber insurance coverage. If it’s found that your lack of winter tires contributed to the accident, you might face challenges in filing a successful insurance claim.

Is it Legal to use Winter tires in Ontario?

While not mandated by law in Ontario, winter tires significantly enhance traction and reduce braking distances on snow and ice-covered roads. Young age drivers, often less experienced, benefit immensely from this added safety measure.

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Winter tires are an excellent practice for Uber or a personal car. Many insurance companies are actively working on this, whether providing discounts or raising brand awareness. If you use winter tires in Uber, it’s not only beneficial for you but also for your passengers. As for the discount, you can get up to around 5%, which you can use in both personal and commercial driving, but only in a car.

Winter tires have become a hot topic. If you’re buying car insurance in Ontario, you should have deep knowledge about winter tires and their benefits. Contact your insurance providers to get your winter tire discount.


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